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                          Qinhuangdao TAEHWA  Precision  Industry  Co., Ltd  is  a Sino-South Korea  joint  venture, mainly  engage in  research , manufacture and  sales of vehicle emission devices and related  products. Automotive  exhaust  system flexible section is the main product. TAEHWA  Precision Industry also produces flexible metal pipes and corrugated tube for industrial and civil use. 

                          In 2005 TAEHWA  Precision Industry introduced a complete set  of  production line with high technical content from  South Korea. Exhaust flexible pipe from this production  line is superior comparing  with  any other products  in this industry in China. With the high quality, precision, and suppleness, the products have reached a leading position in domestic and international markets, and also far exceed auto manufactures requirements for the fatigue life. 

                          Since the establishment of  the company, TAEHWA  Precision Industry generates the consistent excellent  craft and advanced technology, and has become main supplier of GM America, GM Shanghai, Toyota Japan, etc. Our principle is quality first, customers foremost. With the effort of the whole staff, TAEHWA Precision  Industry invested 30 million RMB in 2009 to build TAEHWA industrial  park in Qinhuangdao economic and technology development zone. Now  we have moved  to our new factory  in October 2010. Now TAEHWA Precision Industry has a production capacity of 2-million of exhaust  flexible pipes per year.

                          TAEHWA Precision  Industry could design  and develop the  special products  according  to customers requirements, and successfully got  the  certificate of ISO/TS/16949 in 2005 . 

                          At the moment, 90% of the products are facing to foreign market, mainly exported to America, South Korea, Australia, and Germany, etc.

                          Quality Control

                          For  product  quality  control , TAEHWA  has  considerable  professional  knowledge  and  accumulated  a  wealth  of  experience  in  long-term  production practice . Whats more, we have gradually improved  our detection methods, advanced testing equipments  and  strict quality management system, so as to ensure every product qualified.
                          Our company have successfully got the British NQAs ISO/TS16949 certificate by the end of 2009. Since then, we are strictly in accordance with the system requirements for operation and management.

                          Research and Development

                          With the development of automobile industry,TAEHWA contributes to explore new technologies.Due to the unremitting efforts on research and development ,our  product performance have been improved and enhanced ,and  some innovative products developed and put into production. TAEHWA is always in the leading level  in this  industry. Rely on strong technology strength, TAEHWA  can research ,develop ,design and produce high quality products according to different customers requirements.

                          Production Technology and Equipment

                          Our  entire production line  imported from South Korea. Semi-automated  production  process , rational and efficient facilities layout, professional and skilled staff, makes us only in 30 seconds to complete a finished product, and fully  ensure the high accuracy.We will continue our efforts to reduce costs, research and develop  more efficient  technology ,and  more competitive products. Any demands of  customers will obtain our full attention, to meet their needs is our tireless pursuit.

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